I Don't Want Your Fucking Lettuce

Cool shit.






HOLY FUCK! When my brother comes to town he always brings me goodies, but not in my wildest dreams I’d ever imagine he would bring me some Lemmons! Super fucking stoked, instantly wrote a check for $2,000 for 20 of these things, which may very well be the last ones in the Western Hemisphere! I’ll update y’all tomorrow on how these baby’s are! 😁😁😁😁😁

Holy mother of fucking fuck I’ll marry you if you share.

the only reason why majority of you people want this is cause you saw wolf of wall street lmao like srsly get over that shit already, mad hype for something you guys havent even tried before or even know someone who has tried it before.

My friends mom used to get prescribed these!! Those were the days 😏

How the fuuck is this possible
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Niggas have a dinner table in Paris
A dinner table at night (1884), John Singer Sargent / Niggas in Paris, Kanye West & Jay-Z
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